How to leverage Music Festival Season for your next social media campaign

Don’t miss your chance to make a splash this festival season!

Music festival season is fast approaching. These highly promoted and ultra-fun events take social media by storm every year. Make the most out of these “insta-worthy” moments by enlisting influencers to create highly engaging content for your brand!


Take notes from these great brands who killed their Coachella campaigns last year:

1. Birksun’s Music Festival Campaign

Birksun knows that music festival season means eye-catching scenery, great photography, and lots of social media engagement. The brand made the most out of influencer content by partnering with a large group of influencers who were attending Coachella and generated over 100 sponsored posts in 30 days.  

Partnering with high-quality influencers saved Birksun over $11,800 in equivalent costs to organize photo shoots and professional content.

As a result of their large campaign, the brand saw over 8 million impressions and a significant increase in follower count.

The brand was also left with high-quality content that they can repurpose on their own channels.

     Campaign breakdown:

  • Generated 100+ posts
  • Saved $11,800 in equivalent costs
  • Saw an increase of 253% impressions during Coachella season (over 8 million total)
  • 1,525% increase in follower count
  • 973% ROI


2. Floaty’s #Floatchella Campaign

Last year, Floaty reached out to a select group of influencers with high engagement who planned on attending Coachella. The brand asked for fun, authentic, and eye-catching content using the campaign hashtag #Floatchella.

If you are running a music festival campaign, consider using a branded hashtag to help expand content reach, spread brand awareness, and target other Coachella-goers.

Remember to keep your hashtag short, catchy, and easy to understand. The right hashtag has the potential to drive engagement and expose your brand to a large, yet highly targeted audience.

After being promoted by just 10 of the right influencers, #Floatchella was used over 500 times by the end of Coachella season.

    Campaign Breakdown

  • 10 sponsored posts
  • Hashtag used over 500 times
  • 1.1 million impressions
  • 2,520% ROI

If you want to stand out in consumers’ feeds like these brands did, leveraging the amazing content produced by influencers during music festival season is the way to go! Request a demo of Revfluence, the top influencer marketing platform, by emailing us at

Local Creatives: Staying Grounded with @Seamless.Sea! 🌊

Two years ago, Lindsey packed her small suitcase and made the move across the country from Washington DC to San Francisco. She is now recognized as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, @seamless.sea. Lindsey's passion for vintage and free flowing pieces, local coffee shops and anything environmentally aesthetic shines throughout her feed. The local blogger was kind enough to stop by the office for us to pick her brain on how she stays balanced and humbled with her followers and collaborations.

How did you start?

I started about two years ago, I was a stylist at Nordstrom. I knew about YouTube but I was too afraid to start with vlogging so I started taking photos and uploading them onto my page. I ended up liking blogging more than vlogging.

Do you have any advice on balancing your work life and blogging life?

For me, personally, I keep blogging as a hobby so I don't burn out. I think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. If I put absolutely everything I have into the blogging when I have a full-time job, I get exhausted. I go at my own pace and remind myself I don't have to reach a certain point by a certain time. It's my own journey, I make it fun, manageable, and something I want to keep doing.

Your content is obviously amazing, did you take any photography classes or were you self-taught?

Majority my blog photos are from me.  I have my camera and tripod. My boyfriend at the time knew about it so I kept asking questions and he would let me borrow it. A lot of the times, I had no idea what I was doing and I still don't (note: it doesn't look like it). I know some creators end up relying on their own professional photographers. However, that takes away the power of having to learn by myself. I taught myself as a necessity.

Seamless.Sea x Mobovida Collaboration 

Seamless.Sea x Mobovida Collaboration 

As you continue to grow, how do you stay connected with your followers?

You can't thank every single person who comments on your photo, but I do my best to acknowledge new comments or names I see pop up frequently. If I see a common name or a pointed compliment that's really speaking to me, I acknowledge it. I don't want to give a generic thank you for a generic comment. You don't get engagement unless you go engage on other photos. Every day, I devote some time to comment on other's stuff. That way, I feel like I touch somebody even though I can't go through my whole feed. It's not about just posting pictures, you have to engage to make the post worth it.

Do you think that is how you gain your following in the first place?

Yes, it took a lot of time and of course posting high-quality content. The biggest part is engaging with others, people are interested in you because you're interested in them. Otherwise, you're one of many accounts posting nice pictures.

We notice some creators become removed from their followers as they continue to grow their following, what do you think contributes to that and how do you make sure you’re not one of them?

When you have 50k-100k followers, it is still a manageable number to go around with everyone. I think once you get past a certain threshold, you start to receive more blogging opportunities, your attention goes elsewhere and at the end of the day, it's not towards the engagement. Yes, I do get opportunities but they don't take up all my time. Rest of the time, I'm engaging with followers or people I follow. I feel as you increase, it's hard to keep your focus on the things that made your engagement grow in the first place.

Speaking of opportunities, how do you make sure the brand you’re collaborating with aligns with your feed?

I research what the brand posts on their feed because I'll be tagging them in my photos and I want to make sure we are a good match. I need to make sure their mission matches what I believe in.  I also don't take collaborations that won't make sense to my feed, like food unless it's coffee.

I can see it can be hard for many creators when they first start. They get excited when a brand reaches out but you have to remember you're getting it because you have to talk about the brand on your profile.

Lastly, what’s your goal for your followers and do you see yourself doing this forever?

I want to give someone inspiration to try something different. I don't know if I would always be a fashion blogger. I might transition into something else, maybe interior design. I like the visual aspect of it, using this as my creative canvas.


It is easy to get distracted by the endless opportunities being thrown at you as a beauty, lifestyle or fashion content creator.  Lindsey’s dedication to genuine collaborations and authentic content is a great reminder for creators who are just getting started to stay true to their passions and to always give thanks to their followers. Stay inspired by following Lindsey as she continues to grow!

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Creator Spotlight: Fall in Love w/ @haileebobailee this Valentine's Day! 💖

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and we’re head over heels for Hailee Keanna (@haileebobailee). Besides being incredibly gorgeous, the LA based model is shamelessly silly, sweet and leaves you wanting more.  Don’t believe us, just ask her 163k followers.  Hailee blessed us with her presence to discuss long term relationships, rejection and staying authentic.

1. How did you find out about us and how long have you been using us for?

Oh my gosh, maybe a year ago. I was at the MeUndies headquarters, talking about getting underwear. One of the workers were on Revfluence, talking to a whole bunch influencers. I didn’t know this stuff existed so I joined.

2.  How do you  turn a one time collaboration into a long term relationship

What I found work is I like being overly sweet. What I  saw with some creators was they were strictly business.  For example, Allie from MeUndies, I’m always in contact with her sharing ideas and sending Behind the Scenes shots. I’m not lazy with the content I produce. The better the content the more they want to come back to you. Communication is key and to just to be funny with them, be different.

3. How would you describe a perfect collaboration?

If the brand provides a standard guideline and still allows creative freedom, that would be perfect. When a brand have too many guidelines, it becomes a nightmare. I worked with a brand where they wanted to be overly perfect with the picture, I would annoyed to the point. After that, it would usually go well. It’s always good when they can match my rate.

4.  What makes you still willing to work with a brand even if they can’t match your rates?

If I love I really love their stuff and I know it would do well on my page, I’ll take the less money because it wouldn’t even look like an ad. The other day, I took a fashion campaign that paid way less than I usually charge for two post just because I can make it look natural. I was going to wear the dress anyway so might as well. However, I always start low though because I’m scared I’m going to lose the client. I’m always aiming for long term relationships.

MeUndies Valentine's Day Campaign

MeUndies Valentine's Day Campaign

5. How do you handle rejection from brands or other projects?

Oh no, I hate it. Whenever I get rejected, I’m confused like “whyyyyy what did I do??!” When people reject me, I take it as inspiration to be better. I would try to make the best Instagram feed ever and  if it was modeling job, I would go work out more.

6. How do you select which brands to work with and did it overtime?

Marketing works, so if I see brands working with a bunch of other people, I would want to work with them. Or if it’s just a cool product, like GOAT case, I want to approach goat case and see what they’re all about. If it’s a overall fun brand,  I would be interested.

Well in the beginning my mindset was different for sure. It was just about making money off of Instagram and applying for all the jobs. Now, certain campaigns are over saturated and you know it’s an ad and its comes off as a sellout. I think of myself as a brand and build something out of it so I don’t want to over saturate my feed with obvious ads.

7.  Do you have advice for creators starting out with influencer marketing?

Oh yes, let me make this inspirational. What would you think when you’re scrolling down your feed, seeing other creators advertise a certain product.  Would you want to be seen with it?  Would you know it’s an ad? Do you actually like the product and think it would work? People don’t like being lied to and it is obvious if your heart's not in it. Ok, getting too cheesy.  Think about if you’re going to be embarrassed about it in a couple of months from now. Think of long term, you don’t want to be known as that girl doing the same ads.

8. Any fun facts you want your followers to know?

My life is fun on Instagram but no matter how many parties I go to, my favorite place is still my bed with my new TV. I’m also going to get a mini husky and hopefully I can take care of it depending on my how busy I become. Oh yeah, one time I had a beta fish. I don’t know what I was thinking but it fell out of water so I thought it was cold, I wrapped it up in a blanket and it died.

9. Lastly, speaking of funny stories, do you have an embarrassing V-Day story.

So in middle school I had the biggest crush on this guy. I went to a paint ceramic shop because those were big back then.I painted a butter dish for him, it was red with hearts all over it.  I wrote my name and his name on it, it got glazed and it was beautiful and magical. I filled it with a bunch of hershey kisses. On Valentine’s Day, I gave it to him thinking he would be just as excited later  to find out a few days later he wasn’t. So yes, I painted a butter dish to woo a guy.

If you're obsessed with Hailee as much as we are, make sure to follow her on all the socials! 

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Creator Spotlight: Ringing in the New Year with @alyssa.lenore

It is safe to say 2016 was one hell of a rollercoaster. Whether it be new thrills for some or unexpected turns for others, all of that is in the past now. With eyes ahead to the new year, we brought in minimalistic creator @alyssa.lenore to ease us into 2017.

Alyssa started her page, Styled & Smitten, displaying her infatuation for fashion, beauty and travels. Although she has always been the creative type, her studies in interior design helped define the necessary skills to keep her content aesthetically tied together. Alyssa embraces simplicity and elegance by sticking with monochromatic tones, perfectly aligned product placement, and easy to digest content. In three short years, she gained notice from 65k followers and worked with notable brands such as: La Mer, Shiseido, CalPak and multiple NYC hotels. Before jetting off to her next destination, Alyssa was sweet enough to share her thoughts on new year resolutions, trends, maintaining relationships and influencer marketing.

1. Now that it is 2017, what are you most excited for? Any exciting plans?

It's my first time beginning a year as a college graduate and full-time blogger. I'm looking forward to continuing to build my brand and also travel a lot more! I've got some trips lined up for 2017 and I'm definitely the most excited to get lost in new cities and countries.

2. Of course, what are some your New Year's Resolutions ?

I'm trying to be healthier, going to the gym more as well as spend more time with family. As for my professional resolutions, I want to be able to travel more for work and discover more brands that my followers will love.

3. Any trends you’re hoping will stay in 2016? Any new ones you can see coming this year?

I'd love for exaggerated sleeves to continue into the new year, but even if they don't, I'd still wear them any chance I can. I've also loved the comeback of off-the-shoulder tops and the camel and dusty rose tones as well.

4. What are some brands you would love to work with again in 2017 and why? What helps you determine which brand to build long lasting relationships with?

I've worked with so many amazing brands in 2016 that it would be hard to list them all. One in particular that stands out is Martini & Rossi just because I was able to fly out to Italy with my boyfriend with the company. It was such an unforgettable and humbling experience. When the brand cares about you as a person and doesn't just rush you to meet their deadline, that helps me feel like we could build a solid relationship. It's also really great meeting people from the brand and I love it when you can just feel the love for the company through the people that work there.

5. Was there ever a time you found yourself not too thrilled about a product from a brand you were working? If so, how did you decide to move forward?

I stick with my gut and make sure that any brands that I work with are brands that I actually believe in and love. I never want to promote anything that isn't a good fit for me.

6. As social media continues to be saturated with sponsored content, how do you ensure that your thoughts are your own to your followers?

I've never written or posted about anything that I don't believe in. I think that's something that really resonates with my followers and it shows through engagement. As over-saturated as social media can get, the honest voices still stand out and the followers can see that.

7. How do you think influencer marketing will change or evolve in 2017?

I believe that more brands will see the power of social media and realize that it'll be a great opportunity for growth on both ends. Brands will realize that working with influencers is a great way to reach their target market due to our relatability and the seamless way we fit products into our everyday lives. Through Instagram and other social media platforms, influencers reach a wide range of people from all over the world, so it's definitely something that will continue to show brands why influencer marketing is the way to go. With the world so connected through social media apps, there's no easier and better way to get exposure and reach so many different parts of the world in a matter of seconds.

                                                                                                                      Alyssa LEnore x Roseshire collaboration

                                                                                                                      Alyssa LEnore x Roseshire collaboration


Next time you’re in New York at a local coffee shop, keep an eye out for the young creator. She is likely working away at her laptop, posting the latest #ootd or travel vlogs. Definitely make sure to congratulate the graduate and keep an eye out on her social platforms as she continues to grow in 2017!

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