3 Ways Bellami Drives 450% ROI with Beauty YouTubers

Bellami Hair, one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world (and Revfluence client), grew from its inception in 2012 into a world leader in hair products for women in only two years. Their main growth engine? Hundreds of beauty gurus on YouTube, who they partnered with to drive massive, organic awareness and generate hundreds of thousands of new customers. As many e-commerce businesses have learned, YouTube marketing isn’t an easy strategy to pull off on your own, but through platforms like Revfluence, it is now something every consumer brand can accomplish on their own.

So, what are some basic best practices any brand can use to optimize their budget on YouTube?

1. Look at content, demographics and engagement to find the best fit YouTube advocates Obviously, you first need to find creators who match your brand image and attract a viewership that overlaps with your typical customer base. Making sure that the content will end up feeling authentic is probably the most important step in this entire process.

Matching YouTube accounts in the Revfluence dashboard

But content is only one part of the story. If you want a more predictable way of driving advocate-based sales, you need to drill down into their metrics to properly judge how effective they will be for driving sales to your brand. We’ve found the following metrics are the best indicators of successful conversion-based campaigns (and used in our Revfluence’s “match” ratings):

  • Audience demographics (matching your brand)
  • Engagement rate
  • Subscriber growth rate
  • View count consistency

2. Your creative should match your campaign goals Ok, so you’ve got the perfect YouTube creator for your brand, now what kind of guidelines do you give them to maximize your success?

First, figure out what kind of videos you’re looking to do. At a high-level, there are really two types:

  • Dedicated videos: typically 2-3 minutes in length, where your brand is the focus
  • Mentions/integrations: typically 30-60 seconds in length, where you might be one of a few brands

Both are great ways to reach new customers and expand your awareness. Dedicated videos, because the focus is intently on your brand, tend to be more expensive, but worth it if you are trying to drive direct sales for a given product line. Mentions and integrations, because they are tied into a themed-video, tend to get more viewership for the money, so they are better for driving overall awareness in addition to direct conversions.

Dedicated video and integration examples

I’ll write up an entire post about all the different ways you can get the most out of these videos, but in the meantime, my main advice is to make sure that the post has both 1) authenticity and 2) advocacy.

Videos should always come from the natural voice of the creator, rather than feeling like a commercial, so don’t go overkill on the required talking points or sales language. However, the video should be a ringing endorsement for the product (it’s always a good idea to let them try the product beforehand to make sure). This is why we’ve seen great results from “monthly favorites” videos and less so from “haul” videos, where the creator just lists out a number of brands.

3. Analyze, Re-invest, Repeat

Not every video will be a colossal success. The key is understanding which YouTube creators are performing the best and investing behind the ones where you’re seeing the highest ROI.

Make sure you give each creator either unique coupon codes for purchase or referral links to track. Any decent affiliate program will be able to tie in either system. If you integrate with the Revfluence app on Shopify, you’ll be able to measure the exact sales driven by any given video vs. the cost to easily visualize where you should be re-investing.

From there, it’s all gravy. Set up a longer-term agreement with your best performing creators to post once or twice per month and use a calendaring system to send them regular care packages of items, or use our Agreements system to automatically track and pay each creator for their monthly campaign.

Congratulations! You just set up an incredibly powerful, sustained way to grow your business.