How Nuglow Skincare Drove 1,200 New Customers with a Single YouTube Video

Since we launched the YouTube platform in January, we’ve now hit over 50 brands who are running active campaigns on our platform! To say that it’s a stressful, yet incredibly exciting, time here at Revfluence would be an understatement (and all totally worth it). As background, the biggest reason we wanted to target YouTube stemmed from the incredible demand we saw from e-commerce brands of all sizes to promote with influential YouTubers. There are lots of reasons why, but here are the two big ones:

  1. YouTube provides an incredible platform for advocating products that you’re truly passionate about
  2. Because YouTube has a number of conversion flows built-in, each video has the potential to drive a tremendous amount of clicks and traffic

A great example is the video below, done on behalf of one of our clients Nuglow Skincare.  Nuglow isn’t the typical beauty brand who looks for millennial audiences.  Instead, they target women in their mid-20s and 30s who are interested in preventative, anti-aging creams, so finding YouTubers that match that exact profile and similar passion can be tricky.  But when it works, it WORKS.

This video has so far received over 1,200 clicks and counting in its first week, at a cost per click of less than $0.50!  That kind of targeted CPC is practically unheard of anywhere in any industry, but it exists because Melissa genuinely, enthusiastically loved the product (and would do it again).

You simply can’t get those kinds of results with any other form of advertising!

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