How to Use Influencer Marketing to Get What You Want


One thing that makes partnering up with influencers so special is that it can drive so many different metrics for your business.  Want more followers?  Looking to generate sales?  How about original content for your ad campaign?  You can do it all with the right set of collaborations!

What are you looking for?


I want more traffic and sales on my site

Of course you do!  The best part about working with influencers is that their content is naturally shopping-oriented: they're already telling people what things to buy. In fact, A recent report reveals that social media users see a “5.2x increase in purchase intent when exposed to promotional content from influencers”.

When building your strategy to use influcner markeiting to dirves sales, know that the best conversions come from YouTube dedicated videos.  This is because:

JairWoo drove over 5,000 signups to Cladwell from this single video.

  • YouTube has a plentiful set of trackable clicks, such as links in the description and annotations
  • The in-depth video gives the consumer greater knowledge and insight towards their purchasing decision, without distractions
  • It gives the creator a great medium to show off their excitement!

Other collaboration types we've seen work well: Snapchat stories, Facebook ads, coupon codes and promotions on Instagram Stories.


I want a bigger online presence for my brand

 One of our favorite bloggers hapatime drove 2,000+ followers for AT&T's LG G4 launch

One of our favorite bloggers hapatime drove 2,000+ followers for AT&T's LG G4 launch

Every savvy e-commerce brand knows that the best social medium to build a presence is Instagram, because it's unfiltered and many consumers already use it as shopping inspiration. Many brands overlook the value of social media followers. However, Instagram followers are probably some of the most engaged consumers, even if they have not yet made a purchase.

Therefore, as an online brand, the best way to boost your social presence is to have influencers run promotions with CTAs. Specifically, any type of content that gives their audience a natural reason to follow you, like: 


I want amazing content for my website or ad campaign

Sourcing enough engaging content is (traditionally) very hard.  But that's the beauty of having an army of influencers ready to partner up with you. Influencer-generated content on social media earns more than 8x the engagement rate of branded content. This includes

 Inkbox repurposes influencer generated content for their online catalogue 

Inkbox repurposes influencer generated content for their online catalogue 

  • Professional-quality images of fashion / lifestyle bloggers wearing or using your products
  • Video reviews or demonstrations of your product, perfect for inserting on your website
  • Casual, fun photos or short videos for branding your new product line to a hip, younger audience

With over 500,000 content creators out there on Revfluence alone, anything is possible!