Founder letter: Building the Right Community

Hey there - I'm Eric, one of the co-founders here at Revfluence.  I'm thrilled that we've been a part of this industry alongside creators like you: this year alone we've signed up over 4,000 creators, had over 400 brands run campaigns and are paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to creators.  And all the credit belongs to you, the creators, for all of your hard work!

It's because we've grown so much that it becomes even more important to make sure our community has the right kinds of creators and brands.  It's so incredibly important to protect the precious reputation that we've all worked so hard to build!

To that end, we've had to remove dozens of paying brands over the year because they didn't treat creators with proper respect, and we continue to remove certain creators who abuse our platform, for things like:

  • Intentionally not following collaboration guidelines
  • Receiving product as part of an agreement and then not following through
  • Taking down posts without prior warning

All of this is because we want to build the absolute best community we can be.  And to that end, we're building new things to recognize and reward the vast majority of you who are doing great things by:  

  • Giving you a personalized profile that shows off your amazing content
  • Making your ratings more visible in your profile and any proposals you have
  • Launching an elite program for creators with plenty of juicy perks (more to come on this!)  

I'd love to hear from you on what you think about this and anything else - shoot me an email at  Thank you so much for being part of our community.