Revfluence Friendsgiving

This is a season to be thankful.  It’s a time to reflect on all the blessings in life, remind yourself of the good, tell people you love them and make sure you get some quality snuggle time next to the fire.  But in a place like LA, where many people are transplants and far away from family, it can be a lonely time as friends head home for the holiday… which was why we thought it was a perfect opportunity to host our first event, Friendsgiving.

On November 19th we made our way from SF down to LA and hustled to pull all the details together.  It had all the the makings... delicious food and drinks from our good friend Aly Parker (@abitofbourbon), good music, a gorgeous venue compliments of Alchemy Works, and even presents (aka gift bags) from some very generous sponsors bent on making sure we all had a good time.  

The highlight of the night was definitely the slow motion video booth where people let their inner child loose and a couple too good looking moms won the contest for best confetti war.  

There were some other strong contenders though.

And I think it's safe to say that everyone had a really good time, but most importantly, made some new friends.  Here are some of the highlights.    

For us, it was an opportunity to go past email deep relationships, show people who we are and build the kind of authentic community we aim to create.  We also wanted to provide an opportunity to give back so we asked that everyone bring 1 item to donate.  Instead people brought an average of 3!  Here are the totals. 

  • 324 Articles of clothes
  • 136 Items of food
  • 19 toys
  • 4 blankets

By the end of the night it looked like a confetti tornado had torn through the building.  Yours truly had to clean it up... it was well worth it though ;)  It was also pretty entertaining to see all the weird places copious amounts of silly string had wound up. 

If you missed Friendsgiving, then we missed you!  There are more parties to come though and we definitely hope to see you at the next one :)

Check out the Video :)