The 3 best Black Friday influencer campaigns of last year

Don’t be a “that guy,” the last-minute marketer

 Black Friday is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet solidified your marketing plans, it’s about time. Shoppers spent a reported $10.4 billion on Black Friday last year and the built-in hype is better than any marketing campaign you could possibly hitch your wagon to. The ecommerce march towards retail dominance continued as well, with the numbers of online shoppers outpacing in-store ones, if only barely. 

 This means that over half of your consumer audience plans to skip the crowds this season but still wants the same deals. It also means that you’re going to have to reach them amidst the ever rising tide of digital noise: Ad blockers are up 34.4% this year, consumer trust in advertising is at a nadir, and people’s interests are coalescing around highly-curated social media experiences where they can restrict who can access them. 

 The result is a massive, clogged bottleneck of paid advertising that your message has to fit through.

 The answer to that? Be where the consumers want to be and amplify your brand’s voice though highly credible and authentic influencers. It’s vastly more effective because it’s the marriage of earned and paid media - you can purchase it, but it acts like it’s earned. It cuts through the noise.

 At least, that’s what these brands happily discovered in using influencers during Black Friday 2015.

 Top 3 Influencer Marketing campaigns last year: 

 1.      Inspired by Aldo #InspiredXAldo

High end fashion footwear retailer Aldo understands when it’s time to brand and when it’s time to market. Rather than join in the cacophony of direct-promotion this past year they used influencers like Paul Octavious and Brittany Asch to curate styles and designs inspired by their brand. They turned it into a fun and enjoyable game of visual pairing that skirted around outright advertising. 

They also used their influencers in a series of marketing influences designed to shine a spotlight on their unique and authentic styles.

2.      Crayola’s A Hero Draws Near campaign

Crayola pulled out all of the stops last year and is taking influencer marketing to the next level - their highly produced videos with YouTube influencer Zach King have the production values of a Spielberg film and capture all of the awe and wonder of the holidays. We could go on explaining, but you should just watch the video: 

It’s of such a high quality that it almost smacks of being an advertisement, or it would, without Zach’s presence. "Zach's brand, as a motivating film magician who is always experimenting with unbelievable special effects and visual stunts, just synced up so well with the benefits and features of our Easy Animation Studio product," said Karen Waters, Crayola’s director of content.

The video went viral after he released it to his following of over 3 million fans across channels.

3.      Aeropostale - #FreeYearOfAero

Teen-oriented clothing retailer Aeropostale really went all out last year. They combined a jaw-dropping offer of a free year of clothing for the first 100 people to line up outside their stores with an influencer celebrity visit - get this - by helicopter. That’s right, they ferried Vine Star (RIP Vine) Paul Logan via airship, by pink jeep, and by a series of classic cars between stores to greet waiting fans. 

To top it all off they razed prices with a 60% discount and created a powerful vacuum which drew thousands of reluctant customers back their store locations after several months of declining foot traffic.  

Be there on Black Friday

Like it or not, Black Friday is a shopping bonanza that you simply can’t afford to miss out on. If you’re serious about being seen and cutting through the nose, there’s no better route than to leverage the authenticity-power of influencers like these brands did. 


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