New in Revfluence Pro: Auto-Messages

Looking to gain some valuable hours back in the day? Well then we’ve got just the thing for you: today, we’re proud to announce Auto-Messages!

From the beginning, we’ve built Revfluence from the ground up to help brands efficiently manage their influencer marketing at scale.

Auto-Messages take the heavy lifting out of influencer relationship management by allowing you to trigger messages based on certain criteria.

For example, you can trigger a message that will send a certain number of days after a content creator receives your product. See below for an example.

{click here to have one of our campaign specialists walk through how auto-messages can help you scale your influencer program}

Running influencer campaigns can be a time consuming process, but it no longer has to be a tedious one. Auto-messages are the perfect way to give you valuable hours back in your day to focus on what matters.

For more examples and detailed information on how Auto-Messages can help you, click here.