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Instagram Stories are one of the hottest ways that brands are engaging with their audience online and they are here to stay! In fact, both brands and social media influencers prefer Instagram Stories to Snapchat. Since their launch last year, social media influencers are using Snapchat 33% less and Instagram Stories, twice as often.

If you are one of the many marketers who has attempted to take full advantage of Instagram stories by integrating them into your influencer marketing strategy, you’re more than likely struggling with the fact that Instagram has made it nearly impossible to track their performance.

One of marketers’ biggest influencer marketing pain points is measuring and understanding the return on their social investments, and because Instagram Story performance metrics are not available to the general public, their benefits have been even more difficult to measure. At Revfluence, we’re dedicated to providing clients with the data that allows them to measure the performance of all of the amazing content that they are sourcing though creators. That is why...

Revfluence is happy to announce that actual Instagram Story impressions will now be included on your Analyze page! 


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1. Create a campaign and ask content creators to feature your product or service in an Instagram Story video.

2. Creators upload their video(s) to Revfluence, the same way they would upload a traditional image.

3. Your brand approves the video.

4. When the content is approved, it is automatically uploaded to your content library.

5. After the content creator uploads their story to Instagram, they are prompted to give Revfluence access to performance data.

6. The Instagram Story views and reach will then be available for you to track on your Analyze page.

7. From your Analyze page, you can view or download the content directly.

Pro tip: Provide each content creator with a unique Bitly link so that you can track who drives the most traffic to your website or product page.

Note: Content creators must have Instagram Insights enabled in order to get official Instagram Story data. When creating collaboration terms, brands have the option to require content creators to authorize their Instagram Insights data.


Data matters!

Are you able to answer the following questions confidently?

  • What type of content performs the best for your brand on social media?
  • What types of influencers resonate the most with your target audiences?

In the likely case that you aren’t able to answer these questions, Revfluence has you covered. Revfluence provides our clients with the data that matters, so you can learn from each campaign and re-invest based on real data and the strategies that have performed the best for your brand. The Revfluence Analyze page is streamlined to help you understand which content creators and which content types are driving the most ROI.

In the past, brands have struggled to track both the performance and the effectiveness of influencer campaigns on Instagram Stories because, until now, Instagram’s API made it impossible for third party services like Revfluence to gain access to exact Instagram data. Previously, brands had to rely on screenshots, which runs a low but present risk of being doctored by dishonest content creators.

With this exciting Revfluence update, brands running Instagram Story campaigns will no longer need to rely on screenshots to track their campaigns’ performance. Now, Revfluence provides you with the actual views and reach data that can be used to determine what types of content and creators you should be re-investing in.


Where does the data come from?

We recently announced that Revfluence now provides brands with content creator’s official Instagram Insights. This gives our clients access to their content creators’ official Instagram stats and data, including audience demographics, actual impressions and saves.

According to Instagram, “While businesses have been using Insights to view metrics for their content and overall presence on the Instagram app, they'll now be able to access these valuable insights in the Instagram API for the first time. This will help businesses keep track of their organic content's performance more effectively on third party tools outside of the Instagram application.”

This is how third party services, like Revfluence, are able to provide you with actual Instagram Story performance data.

Want to see this feature in action? Book a demo HERE

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