Have Instagram’s New API Restrictions Affected Revfluence?

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Recently, thousands of third party service providers were caught off guard by Instagram’s latest API (application programming interface) restrictions, which were previously scheduled to change later this summer. According to TechCrunch, in an effort to improve data privacy, Instagram “surprised developers with a massive reduction in how much data they can pull from the Instagram API, shrinking the API limit from 5,000 to 200 calls per user per hour.” In other words, almost every app or service that relies on Instagram data to analyze users’ audiences has run into some level of  service issues.

Naturally, Revfluence clients may be wondering:

How are Revfluence features affected by Instagram’s new API restrictions?

The good news is, there’s no need to worry! Shuhan Bao, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Revfluence says, 

Fortunately, Revfluence features have not been affected for the most part. Our product team was aware that the Instagram changes were coming, and had already begun migrating the majority of our community to the new Insights API, in preparation for the old API to go away.

While the answer that Revfluence clients will not be affected is very simple, we understand that you may still have some lingering questions. If you’re interested in the changes to Instagram API as a whole, keep reading.


Have we asked influencers to switch from personal to business accounts?

Yes and no. While it is not a requirement, we encourage creators to switch their Instagram profiles to business accounts as it leads to a greater ability to understand the analytics of their own followers. Additionally, creators who have business accounts can grant brands access to Instagram insights, helping the brands get a better understanding of how their content will be seen and by whom. Access to this data can lead to better informed decisions and partnerships for both brands and their partners.

How will Instagram’s new API parameters affect other Influencer Marketing companies?

In general, it will now be harder to get started in the influencer marketing space. Established companies, like Revfluence, can rely on our brand, and existing database of influencers to continue to easily connect with a large and diverse community of creators. However, due to the changes made to the Instagram API, newer companies will need to rely heavily on manual methods versus automated methods to build up their network of influencers.

Changes to Instagram's API will also have a dramatic effect on companies that heavily relied on Instagram comments or direct messaging, as both of these functions are no longer accessible to third party apps.

How could Instagram’s new API affect the influencer marketing industry as a whole?

The changes to the API mark a continued shift in Facebook’s philosophy of being less willing to share its data. Influencer marketing as a whole will also need to adapt to find ways to continue to exist in partnership with Facebook. One of the key ways this may manifest itself is that it will be increasingly more important to create long-term mutually beneficial relationships with influencers rather than treating influencers purely as a modern, data driven distribution channel.

Efforts to improve data around audience demographics were highly dependent on unofficial scraping and inference methods that have become impossible as a result of the changes to the API. This makes it even more important to use well-established and effective tools to track and assess the results of your influencer marketing campaigns and  approach working with influencers in a more holistic rather than traditional CPA driven way.

This is why, in addition to working alongside Facebook’s paid advertising platforms to achieve your marketing and sales goals, Revfluence is focused on influencers’ ability to be an incredible source of authentic and engaging content across all marketing channels.


If you have any more questions about how Revfluence will continue to provide brands access to accurate influencer marketing data, comment below, or reach out to us at support@revfluence.com