[Webinar] Bridging the Gap: Aligning Influencer Content & Paid Social for Maximum ROI

Join us for our upcoming webinar!

How does your brand keep up with the constant need for fresh creative?

Today, personalization is the only way that brands can compete in a hyper-competitive space. Learn how smart brands are using influencer marketing and paid social together to source large amounts of personalized content, accurately target different markets, and ultimately maximize ROI.

Join us on Tuesday, June 19th @ 11am PT

for a partner webinar with CPC Strategy where we’ll discuss how Influencer Generated Content (IGC) can fuel your advertising strategy and help you maximize ROI!

Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Unpacking Consumer Demand For Brand Personalization
  • Leveraging IGC In Your Advertising Strategy
  • Audience Targeting Reflective Of Your IGC Campaigns
  • Sourcing the Right Influencers For Your Brand
  • Tactical Practices For Testing Creative

If you doing any advertising, need more content or want to learn more about Influencer marketing this webinar is for you. RSVP here and we’ll save you a seat!