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Can Unpaid Influencer Campaigns Work?

Ever wonder how to get into influencer marketing with little to no budget? Well you are not alone. In general, influencer marketing has a reputation for being a steep investment that many brands are not in the position to make during the initial testing phases. Read more to find out how some brands to run successful campaigns without the high price tag.

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New in Revfluence Pro: Auto-Messages

Looking to gain some valuables hours back in the day? Well then we’ve got just the thing for you: today, we’re proud to announce Auto-Messages!Auto-Messages take the heavy lifting out of influencer relationship management by allowing you to trigger messages based on certain criteria.

Read more to see how some of our power users are utilizing this time-saving feature.

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4 Tips for Identifying the Right Influencers

If your brand is just starting with influencer marketing, testing out influencers from a few different verticals can be the best way to find your niche. That being said, not all brands have the ability to test out hundreds of influencers each month. So, in an effort to help brands invest smartly, we have compiled some of our best practices when it comes to identifying the best influencers for your campaign.

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How to Increase Giveaway ROI by Leveraging Instagram Stories

Giveaways are the best way to generate 5-10x more new followers than a normal creator post, so you want to make sure your brand is doing them often. As more brands have started to adopt the strategy, more creativity is required to stand out among the crowd. Luckily, “Instagram Stories” is the perfect tool that innovative brands can leverage to see 5-10x follower growth per influencer collaboration.

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