New in Revfluence—Streamline Legal Contracts with HelloSign


Managing your legal contracts with content creators just got easier.

Are you tired of managing dozens of contracts with your content creators? Do you have trouble remembering who has legally agreed to your campaign terms and which contracts are still being negotiated? Revfluence’s Collaboration Guideline Templates have revamped the way that brands can create and propose collaboration terms to influencers. Now, we are taking it even further.

We are excited to announce Revfluence Hellosign Integration!

Why we added Hellosign Integration

Revfluence has created a faster, easier way for our clients who have larger, complex collaborations, or those who have high value products involving large payments to get their contracts in place.

Legal contracts are a pain to create and manage, especially if you are working with more than a handful of of content creators at a time. Traditionally, creating and sending contracts meant involving legal teams, which took additional time and created a long trail of paperwork. However, contracts are necessary to protect the interests of all the parties involved, especially at larger companies.

Revfluence is dedicated to streamlining the entire content creation and management process. We've already eliminated the need for paperwork and back-and-forth communications by creating easy-to-customize contracts that allow brands to clearly outline their collaboration expectations, rights to content, and the obligations of everyone involved. But many legal teams require stricter legal protections than what has been offered via online terms. For example, large companies that want to include mutual indemnification and guarantees to disclose sponsorship for FTC purposes, etc. in their contracts have needed more complex collaboration terms.

The Hellosign integration ensures that even brands with complex requirements can cover all of their bases, quickly and easily.

How does Revfluence’s HelloSign integration work?

HelloSign is the world's leading free eSignature platform. By leveraging our integration, our clients can send and receive electronic signatures securely.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 12.50.33 PM.png

You can easily set up legal contract templates that populate with data from your online terms, including price, number of posts, due dates, etc. Alternatively, if you have more complex or unique terms, you can upload custom contracts, individually, for each creator.

The signed influencer contracts are tracked as an additional stage on the Revfluence platform. This means that clients can easily view who has signed contracts and who is still waiting for approval, saving you the time and expense of managing dozens of contracts at a time!


Our goal is to make the influencer marketing and content creation process easier for all involved. Have suggestions for new product features? Comment below or email us at


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