For Creators: 4 Tips for Making Successful YouTube Videos

It's been an exciting time here at Revfluence now that we've got over 150 brands onboard working with creators like you on YouTube and Instagram! This week, we reviewed 500 of the best-rated videos for brands to figure out what the keys are to making a successful video.

Why does this matter? Because good videos help get you more offers! Channels that get good reviews from brands and more views and link clicks per video will get better offers. So do a great job and you'll see more great offers!

1) Be authentic, not a salesman It might be obvious, but this is the single biggest factor in good vs. bad videos. Audiences are smart enough to know when you really believe in a product or if you're just pushing it, so only promote products you actually like! Also, while brands might give you talking point suggestions, you should always make videos however feels the most natural for you.

2) Mention the coupon code and/or link in the video If your audience is interested, they love to get a discount, so make sure to talk about it in the video itself! Don't assume they will read through your description to look for it.

3) For haul/favorites videos, try not to combine more than 3-4 products in one video While it's tempting to cram as many possible products into a haul video, brands HATE this. And if they are sponsoring the video for you, they won't appreciate being stuffed in with a bunch of competitors.

4) Use annotations Visuals are key. If you can provide additional commentary or funny tidbits in the annotations those always get a lot of engagement! Mentioning the coupon codes or links is really effective to put in an annotation (if it feels natural).

Of course, these are only suggestions! You should make sure you agree to any terms before you start making the video, so that you don't have to make last minute changes. Let us know ( if you ever have any questions or need help with these!