Affiliate Marketing with YouTube (Glossybox Case Study)

Affiliate marketing has been around for awhile, but not until YouTube has there been a medium to drive both a tremendous amount of engagement AND conversion in a single piece of content. Case in point: the rise of Birchbox and other beauty brands and retailers have been fueled almost entirely by unboxing videos, haul videos and product reviews from beauty gurus on YouTube. Here's why:

  1. YouTube audiences are targeted around specific industry audiences (beauty, fashion, music, gaming, technology)
  2. YouTube influencers are trusted for their opinions and will only promote products they believe in
  3. Content is in-depth and engaging (unlike Facebook/Twitter which can be drowned out)
  4. YouTube provides effective linking systems to capture traffic and conversions

There's never been anything like it for affiliate sales.

A great example is one of our clients, Glossybox, who uses Revfluence to get proposals from hundreds of YouTubers every month to join their affiliate network.  In their first month alone, they generated 16 videos with over 150,000 targeted views.  More importantly, these videos drove $3000 of monthly recurring sales for almost zero upfront cost.

See how to drive affiliate sales through YouTubers on the Revfluence platform

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