Creators: 5 Tips on Making Successful Sponsored Videos

Content creators like you are the rising stars of digital media. And because of that, brands are eager to find creators who will make high-quality videos that can drive excitement and awareness around their products. It’s also becoming easier and easier for brands to measure the success of these videos, which means the better job you do, the more opportunities will come your way! But what are the keys to creating successful videos? Here are a few.

Be authentic

Only promote products you truly like and fit your channel. Audiences are savvy to figure out if a creator is shilling products they don’t believe in.  Remember, you can always ask the brand to try the product first before you commit.

And while the brand might give you suggestions for talking points, you should always make the video however feels most natural to you!

Arlene Sanjines
Arlene Sanjines

If you like the product, give your audience a way to try it

In addition to a great video, what brands care about is getting new people to try out their product, which is why most will give you a website link to insert into the video to track how many people go to their site.

Want to make your fans happy? Get an exclusive promo code from the brand to give your audience an exclusive deal (20% off, first box free, etc.).  Make it clear how to redeem the promo by mentioning it in the video, using annotations and talking about it in your description.

Don’t cram too many products in

If you’re partnering up with a brand on a video, try not to cram too many other products that will compete for your audience’s attention. Brands hate this and it might jeopardize your chance at working with them again!

Get creative

As you know, how many views your videos get depends a lot on how exciting the content is. YouTube is a search engine, like Google, which means if you have titles that capture people’s attention, you’ll attract a lot more views.

Have a great look for summer? Music festivals? You can tie in seasonal themes and upcoming holidays into sponsored videos to give them a boost, along with celebrity/movie/TV-inspired looks.

Elle Bangs 1
Elle Bangs 1

Have fun

At the end of the day, people watch your videos because of your personality, so keep having fun and be yourself!  Don’t be a robot.  Your viewers will feel your excitement and so will the brand. If you do collaborations that you love, you’re going to be great!

About the Author

Eric Lam is co-founder of Revfluence, one of the largest influencer platforms that helps content creators on YouTube and Instagram partner with hundreds of consumer brands like like Sigma Cosmetics, Madewell, Calvin Klein and Dermalogica. To signup for free and see which brands you can work with, go to