How to Pick the Right Creator Proposals: 5 Things to Think About

So you're getting a bunch of interest from creators, that's awesome! Keep in mind, popular creators get DOZENS of offers themselves a week, so the fact that they took the time to send you a proposal is fantastic... don't take it for granted!

But who should you move forward with? As we mentioned in an earlier post, definitely try to work with a variety of creators in order to figure out the types of creators who drive the most results.  Within that, here are a few tips.


Favor those who seem genuinely excited about the product

In the end, the success of the content is going to come down to authenticity.  How much does the creator's audience believe in the product, because the creator herself/himself believes in it?  

If the proposal tells you about why they want to partner up and specific ideas on why it's going to be great, that's a good bet their audience will love it too.

As an example, Bellami Hair's videos generate a huge amount of sales, and it's not just because they pick amazing creators like Jaclyn Hill, but also because the videos display a genuine excitement around their hair extensions:


Look carefully at their engagement rate on Instagram

On Instagram, the number of followers that someone has is often deceiving.  However, it's much harder to fake a consistent stream of likes and especially a highly-engaged commenting audience.  Therefore, a better measure of a creator's reach is the number of consistent likes and comments they receive per post (which you can see in any proposal on Revfluence). 

Engagement rates of 3% or above are a sign of a high quality audience. Over 5% is fantastic! 

 Our friend Marianna Hewitt always generates a huge buzz around any of her posts

Our friend Marianna Hewitt always generates a huge buzz around any of her posts


Look at similar videos on their YouTube channel

On YouTube, the number of views a creator might get for a given video can vary based on a number of factors:

Therefore, to figure out how successful your video is going to be, look at some similar examples from their video history and how they performed.  You can even check any links they've used and see their typical click-through rate. 

One great example of this variance is our friend Jordan O'Brien (aka The Gentleman's Cove).  He has a great, engaged audience within fashion, but he has an even bigger following for his hair and grooming videos, which means he's almost 4x more valuable to those types of brands!

 Check the views: almost 200k for Hairstyle!

Check the views: almost 200k for Hairstyle!


Feel free to negotiate the price, but don't lowball

You should always have a budget range in mind that you're willing to spend on creators: definitely let your account manager know what it is so we can find the best-fit matches for you.

However, don't try to force-fit that budget on creators who are clearly too big, because it will not only harm your reputation, but also waste everyone's time.  

On YouTube, a reasonable range for a dedicated video is around $0.04-0.06 per view.  In other words, someone with typically 10,000 views per video will cost $400-600.

On Instagram, a high-quality post may range between $0.05-0.15 per engagement, so someone who gets around 1,000 likes/post might cost $50-150.


Keep their audience demographics in mind

The Revfluence platform gives you unique insights into the demographics of any creator's audience, so you know if you're targeting the right potential customers.  A common first-timer mistake is to promote female-oriented products to female Instagrammers who have predominantly male followers.  

However, no audience is going to be 100% perfect.  So pay close attention to the gender and age breakdown, but don't make a hard cutoff of it. 

Know any other best practices you've come across when figuring out which creators are right for you? Let us know!