Influencers & Bloggers: Tips for Writing a Brand Proposal that Stands Out!



On Revfluence, we do the dirty work for you. Instead of spending countless hours scouring the internet for brand contact info, our team sources collaboration opportunities that we know you'll be excited about. We also tailor your marketplace so that you're only seeing brands and sponsorships relevant to your content! 

Creating quality, organic content is key to being an influencer, but brand's are also looking at a few other factors before clicking "accept" on your proposal. Just like snagging the perfect Instagram photo or YouTube video, tailoring your brand proposal is essential when looking to grab a brand's attention. Below are our top tips!


1. Be Timely

On Revfluence, we update your marketplace every week with new brands and campaigns. Sending in your proposal as soon as an opportunity is available is essential. Being one of the first creators to make an impression will definitely ease your chances of having a brand accept your proposal! 

2. Stay True to your Personal Brand & Content

Although we do our best to present you with opportunities that we think match your content, making sure the brand aligns with your personal aesthetic is crucial. Ask yourself, what can my channel do for this brand? Is the connection between my channel and this brand authentic?

3. Make it Personal

Already use their products or excited about their most recent product launch? Let the brand know! Lay out why you're most excited about their brand and why you feel it will resonate with your audience. Wanna go the extra mile? Pitch a specific post idea or context for a video!

4. Not Too Short & Not Too Long

When drafting your proposal, you don't want to underwhelm the brand  by sending in one sentence, but you also don't want to overwhelm them by crafting a novel. Instead, keep it between 3-5 sentences. After you've finished, put yourself in the managers shoes and re-read your proposal. Would it catch your attention? 

5. Wait for the Brand to Press "Accept"! 

We get it - waiting to hear back from a brand can be daunting! Keep in mind that since you will be in direct contact with a manager for that brand, they could be dealing with other in-house projects or might even be out of the office. Be patient and keep your eye out for response. You will also always receive an email when a new message comes in! 


Put these tips to the test before sending out your next proposal! Have questions? Shoot me any email anytime at!