The Life of a Famous YouTuber: JairWoo

Whether you're into male fashion blogs or are constantly on the hunt for the latest style tutorial videos, you've probably heard of YouTube sensation and style icon, JairWoo

With a combined 27 million views so far on his YouTube channel, Jair definitely holds a spot for being one of the top YouTubers in the game. Since having his Zayn Malik Hairstyle Tutorial video go viral 3 years ago, Jair continues to inspire his subscribers by creating videos surrounding men's fashion, offering personal style tips and clothing how-to's, and much more! 

Since he is among only a handful of successful male fashion & beauty channels on YouTube, we wanted to catch up with Jair and ask him a few questions about life as a famous YouTuber!

What first sparked your love for fashion?

I've been into fashion every since I can remember. As a little boy I didn’t really know what fashion was, I just knew that I liked to dress well. I used to get so excited when my mom and dad would take my brother and I back to school shopping! It was just a great way to express myself. I loved the arts, so marinating the expressive freedom with clothing was great.

What inspired you to start your YouTube and Blog?

This might be a surprise, but I was actually inspired by Youtubers.. in particular, beauty gurus. I noticed that there was a huge pool of female fashion & beauty video bloggers. As I was looking at all of the gurus, I noticed that there were no men doing any fashion or grooming videos for us guys. As I mentioned in the previous question, I’m really into the arts so I thought to myself “why not make a youtube channel for men needing help in fashion & style?”. Thankfully people started watching and the rest is history!

What is a typical day in your life?

Typical day in my life is basically… eat, gym, film, eat, edit, read, eat, family, sleep.

What’s been your career highlight so far?

I would have to say the traveling opportunities that i’ve been so thankful to partake in. I recently flew to New York City for a Dove Men Care event and that was AMAZING. I have such a love for traveling and exploring new places so my trips have all been highlights! Also, meeting subscribers in person is something I don’t get used to. I love it.

Favorite brand you’ve collaborated with and why?

I loved collaborating with Sperry Top-Sider! Not only do I love the brand, but I got to go on a trip to the Virgin Islands to film a shoe promo video for my channel which was epic.

What’s the best advice for anyone looking to start a fashion YouTube?

I would have to say do you and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are the only you out there so just be fearless and go for it! Also, Youtube doesn’t happen overnight so be consistent and patient.

Who's your style icon?

I don’t really have a specific style icon per say, but I do have many style inspirations like David Beckham, Adam Levine, and blogger Prince Pelayo.

Go to fashion piece/item?

A good pair of sunglasses (ray bans) always tops off an outfit for me.

Hidden talent?

i’m not sure if this is a hidden talent, but at least on Youtube i’ve never mentioned that i’m actually a pretty good dancer (if I do say so myself). I love to dance! Salsa, hip hop, merengue, etc!

Last concert you attended?

I haven’t been to a concert in a while! My last festival was Coachella Fest.

Life Mantra?

I have many mantras in life.. but my recent favorite mantra is “The mind is everything; what you think, you become. That really helps start my day off right with a positive mindset. I also really like "Its not what happens, it's how you react and deal with what happens."


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