3 Reasons Why this Foodie's Sponsored Instagram Post Caught so much Attention from Her Followers

Let’s face it, food dominates on Instagram. I discover at least 5-10 new food-focused accounts with more followers than some well-known celebrities. And guess what, I'm not the only one. Brands are also discovering these mouth-watering accounts and are running to them for advertisements and sponsorship opportunities. Cha-ching!

Anyone who owns a food Instagram and creates their own content knows it's not as easy as it looks - it actually takes a lot of skill. It can be even more challenging to figure out how to create a brand sponsored post that doesn't look like an ad from the grocery store. Klara, owner of the clean recipe Instagram account @klaraslife knows exactly how to snap pictures of food that not only gets her audience engaged, but that also drive awareness for the brands sponsoring her. Here's how she did it with this post for Tiny Tea!


Focus on Colors

Starting from the flower printed bowl, Klara adds and sticks to a color palette that is hard to take your eyes off of. With pops of red, hints of green and a touch of purple, the image screams healthy and fresh, which engages her audience full of like-minded, healthy foodies.

Use the right Setting

By using a grayish/brown wooden background that exhibits a natural feel along wit ha few fresh tulips, Klara adds texture while still allowing the smoothie bowl to be the focal point. hile the setting can a lot of the times be overlooked, it's essential to plan it out when creating a sponsored post for a brand and it just appears more professional. 

Effectively Mention the brand

For sponsored posts, finding a way to show the brand without coming across as an advertisement can be tricky. And, since with food posts the product will most likely be incorporated in a recipe, taking the time to focus on your caption is key. Klara gives us a perfect example of how to effectively mention a brand by tagging @YourTea in the first sentence, which prevents it from getting cut off when followers are scrolling through their feed. This also helps keep the focus on the brand, which is necessary for sponsored posts since the goal is for their product to be displayed! 


Not only did Klara’s foodie-enthused followers love her post, Your Tea was thrilled with her content and even gave her a 5 star review on Revfluence. If you're an influencer and create sponsored posts, definitely keep these tips in mind and subscribe to our blog for more creative post ideas!  


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