5 Creative Instagram Posts That Take Accessories To The Next Level & Why We Loved Them

We all know that Instagram brought the trend of meticulously tailored photos on the go. You don’t need a fancy camera anymore to get a great shot for your post. Yes, you know the type of shot... The standing-on-your-chair-in-public food posts, the artfully positioned everyday-items-with-a-latté photo, and the timeless classic birds-eye shot of your feet with what you hold in your hand or what you have chosen to stand next to. Trust me, we are all guilty of at least one of these!

But this week we’ve picked out some of our influencers who have taken their creativity to another level! Featuring small accessories in particular can be tricky to photograph naturally and in an original way, but these fashion and lifestyle Instagrammers nailed it. Also check out last week's tips on how to create the best collab posts for your followers

why these posts stand out:

A photo posted by Visa Lom (@vis_a) on

1.  Color matching is a way to instantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your photo. The lovely @Vis_a got this peachy blush combo with her Raen shades so perfectly we can’t help but feel happy inside. So satisfying.


2.  Creative collaging doesn’t have to involve glue sticks or poster boards. The undeniably chic @Twiceblessed_ bloggers have filled their post with snippets of text and magazine photos to complement their favorite JollyChic kicks.


3.  More is… more? When it comes to delicate small items like jewelry from Leah Alexander, it can be tricky to place them in your shot and make the post stand out. The colorful @RandomActsofPastel has really prettied up her favorite jewelry with pink peonies, floral china, and sweet macarons!


A photo posted by V I C K I I (@thelustlistt) on

4.  The magic of the flat-lay is an art in itself, and @TheLustListt has mastered it. First of all, she’s placed her objects very intentionally. Having some items spill out of the borders makes your flat-lay look natural and helps frame the things you want to focus on. In this case, it’s her stylish Nixon wristwatch. We also love the way the different sized objects vary up the picture and make it interesting.


A photo posted by Charles L. (@cha.rles) on

Fun with editing. To be perfectly honest, we have no idea how @Cha.rles did this! Absolutely an eye-catcher and will make anyone stop their scrolling on your feed. Charles also captured the coastal, outdoor feel that’s a great fit with his BirkSun pack!


We hope these creative posts inspire you as much as they did for us! Remember to hit follow on our Twitter and Instagram at the handle @Revfluence and keep checking back for more blog posts and tips 😊