More Than A Fad: Why We Should All Go #Organic With Foodies And Beauty Bloggers

In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in people being more conscious consumers. Whether that’s shopping sustainable clothing lines, buying groceries, and even down to our cosmetics. In fact, we plugged “Organic beauty” into Google’s search trends tracker, and it turns out the amount of people looking for natural, chemical-free beauty options has only increased over the past 5-10 years and doesn't plan on stopping.

Our influencers on Revfluence aren’t immune to the organic lifestyle either. With natural products from great brands like Nutiva, BareMinerals, and skincare line Derma9, our talented creators have shown their love for a healthy lifestyle through their posts. We've collected some of our favorites below.

Our first two posts are all about beauty. These brands stay true to all-natural products, and we can see why! People are totally gravitating towards more natural approaches to beauty and skincare. According to a 2016 Beauty Trends article from Women’s Marketing:

Researchers found that 49% of Millennial women prefer natural or organic skin care products and intend to purchase them in the future. As concerns about endocrine-disrupting chemicals and the environment grow, women are selecting products with fewer, more natural, but equally effective, ingredients.

Here’s how our creators show their #organic love:


A photo posted by Summer Perez (@summerperez) on

Summer Perez shows off the three zone mask from Derma9 in this fun photoshoot, and doesn't fail to plug their organic ingredients and skin-pampering formula.


A photo posted by Kendall Keith (@kendall.keith) on

Beauty blogger Kendall Keith shared this gorgeous photo of her in her new favorite lip shade from BareMinerals. Perfectly chic and natural!


A photo posted by Lina Saber | NYC (@bysaber) on

Organic and all-natural food is all around us, and our creators' collabs with the coconut oil brand Nutiva have really stood out from the rest. Every week, we see so many creative, new recipes that we never would've thought to make with coconut oil! So this was a tough pick, but Lina Saber's delicious-looking post and recipe was a must!


Thanks for reading and we hope these posts inspired some healthy-living thoughts like they did for us! Check back for more favorites and tips to enhance your own posts from our blog, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @Revfluence!