Top Post of the Week: Why we chose @sugarandcloth and her ice cream insta pic!

With the start of June, we’ve officially kicked into summer and our favorite posts from the week show it! Our attention was grabbed by the colorful and fun Instagram account, @sugarandcloth! Ashley Rose, owner of @sugarandcloth and a Revfluence creator, has a knack for color and vibrant styles that we love to see this time of year.

HERE's Why Ashley’s post was so successful:

  • First of all, her photo’s simplicity. There are really only two things to focus on in the foreground: Ashley’s collaboration item—a beautiful timepiece from Nixon—and this mouthwatering sundae!
  • It’s seasonal. Though the pics on @Sugarandcloth are all in the theme of bright pastels and pops of color, this post’s summery, tropical mood (pristine ocean and blue skies? Yes please!) makes it stand out.

  • Caption. The post’s caption tells a story to her followers—it’s not a blatant advertisement for her collab brand, but it’s not so vague that we feel left out. I know I’ll definitely be bringing a real watch the next time I hop timezones. People love to learn about the creator behind the posts, so share something!

  • The plug. Ashley works in her collab with Nixon on a couple levels: not only does she tag @Nixon_Now in her caption and photo, but she also fits the product into her life for us. Followers would much rather hear about how you use and love the product day to day, rather than being told flat that "it’s good". They trust your judgment, let them hear it!

These are our top tips from our favorite post last week. Stay tuned on the blog or follow us on Twitter @Revfluence to get a heads up for more posts! I don’t know about you... but we’re off to treat ourselves to some ice cream now!