A Creator's Toolbox: The Best Photo Apps for The Most Likable Posts

With the latest advances in smartphone tech, the mobile camera is more powerful than ever. The image quality you can get out of your iPhone or Android in 2016 has made it pretty much useless for aspiring and even professional photographers to carry a digital point and shoot camera in their bag. In fact, photographers have spent a lot of time researching and debating the comparison of iPhone 6s photographs to the what a robust DSLR camera can turn out. If you’re interested in how the iPhone stacked up, check out this article from one of the many internet authorities on reviewing new tech.

But taking good photographs to display or post for your blog or Instagram goes beyond just the camera. With so much power literally at your fingertips, the app-store is overflowing with fun tools to edit and play with your photos. All of it can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together a little guide of our own to give you tips on the best editing and photo-enhancing apps you can use for the most professional quality shots on your phone.

From shooting to sharing...  here are our photo app picks:

1.  Take your shot: VSCO Cam

With VSCO, we can't ignore the app visuals. Its streamlined, minimalist design and in-app gallery of your shots and edits alone are enough to make anything on the other side of the lens look good. But the app packs a serious punch when it comes to capturing the perfect photo. From basic gridlines to an in-camera level that shows you when your horizon or object is squared up, this camera does it all for composition. You can also take manual control of exposure, put a lock on white-balance, and set separate focal points for focus and auto exposure. For creators wanting to get more hands on with their shots, or for the seasoned photographer looking for a well-designed and intuitive tool on the go, VSCO is absolutely it.

2.  Filter + Toolbox: Afterlight

Afterlight is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of editing and any filter you can imagine. And if you're like us and see the $0.99 price tag in the app-store and seriously evaluate your spending, take our word: it's worth it. Packed with tools from basic tweaks to advanced control on any level, this editor makes it easy to tweak and layer all kinds of enhancements and filters on your image.

Some of our favorite Afterlight features are:

  1. Filters: The app creators come out with new filter "packs" with varying moods. You can layer up and adjust as many filters as you want for your desired effect.

  2. Distortions: You can normally only find these edits in a single-purpose app, but Afterlight does a great job incorporating light leak effects or instant film filters to make your photos have an analogue mood. You can even add a little dust and wear to your shot.

  3. Frames: Beyond the basic square. Feature your photo in a solid colored or patterned frame of any geometric shape, silhouette, and even cursive letter. And if you want to take your vintage to another level there are also polaroid-esque frames to pick from!

4.  The Insta-Duo: Layout & Boomerang

Instagram has rolled out a handful of secondary apps for video and optimizing photos for your Insta. Layoutwith a fairly self-explanatory nameis an app we use all the time when we want to feature more than one photo in a post. After you pick a base layout to display your pics, you can adjust everything from border placement and width to image size and easily reorganize photos in your collage. Hands down the easiest collage tool out there.

Boomerang is a new trend that you've probably seen in your Insta feed already or on Facebook. It may not be a photo editing tool, but we still had to make a shout out because if you're serious about Instagram you have to at least give it a try! This fun video capturing app takes a few seconds of footage and gives you the final product: a loop of play forward and rewind that's totally mesmerizing. Try capturing even the most mundane movement and watch the views stack up on your Instagram.  

5.  Share: Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is a company that specializes in printing photos directly from your smartphone. With the app, you can upload your best photos or dearest memories from your phone or from Instagram and order amazing quality prints of any type. Perfect for gifts and saving memories that will last outside of the pixels on your screen. 

And that's it for our guide! With these handy tools in your pocket, you're sure to have some of the best posts around. Have fun showcasing your editing skills and creative eye for getting the perfect photo!

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