Get the attention of fitness brands: 5 Tips on how to make yours the most #goals profile

If exercise is your “thing”your passion, obsession, or your keep-you-sane ritualchances are it’s already made an appearance of some kind on your social media as well. And why not? It’s a part of your life. But if you’re looking to take it to another level and make fitness a larger element in your blog, Instagram or YouTube channel, we’ve got some tips for you.

Fitness brands have taken influencer marketing very seriouslyas they should! The average person who’s in the market for buying activewear and other fitness products probably isn’t following all the potential brands they’re interested in on social media… But who are they already following? Their favorite creators who share a variety of all things fitness, whether it's fit-inspiration, daily grind, healthy bites, or new routines to try out. And that’s exactly who brands want to work with.

But how can you boost your own profile to gain influence and capture the attention (and sponsorship) of your favorite brands? You came to the right place! Keep scrolling, friends.

Revfluence's tips for making the most #goals fitness profile:

1. Vary your content.

For activewear campaigns, it takes a bit of extra creativity to get a really eye-grabbing shot. If you ever find yourself posting multiple photos of the same mirror selfie posing in different yoga pants... it may be time to shake it up. Check out how some our talented creators rocked their activewear collabs in unique poses, angles and different environments beyond the gym or the house. Don't be afraid to experiment!

2. Get on a schedule.

Just like fitting regular exercise into your busy life, scheduling is also important for your media presence. Producing content consistently and reliably is a must for gaining a following and to get on a brand's radar. Draft ahead of time, and set a reminder for when you want to post. Or, if you want to be super-efficient, download a scheduling app that lets you queue up social posts and does it for you! We love for this.

3. Incorporate the full routine.

No matter what your activity is, we know there are a lot of other components that go into it. From warmup to cool-down and diet, there are opportunities for a product collaboration at any step if you're creative. Extensive stretching routine? Hit spin class after work? Juggling pre-workout and breakfast for the kids? Like we said about varying your content, give your followers and potential partner brands a good sampling of how fitness fits into your daily life.


The mood that you present on your profile can say a lot about you. Keeping up a rigorous fitness routine is hard, and challenges always come with the respective struggle, but staying positive is so valuable if you want to be a motivational influencer. Keeping an upbeat and affirmative tone in your captions won't just lift your readers' mood but can be a great tool for boosting your own motivation too! 

5. Experiment with Different media.

We're all familiar with the #fitspo Instagrams, but have you checked YouTube lately? There are some truly amazing creators out there who vlog and record their way through the day and give their insights and tips for maintaining a healthy routine. These vary from strict tutorial videos to channels with healthy recipes and daily regimens. We especially love Christine Salus' fitness and lifestyle channel!

 We hope you've picked up a few useful strategies for your fitness blog! We love to learn what works for our creators and what gets them to make connections with brands they love. For more tips and updates from us, be sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter. Also! If you're a brand looking for some of our creators' best content, head over to our Pinterest and check out the many categories that have made great influencer connections on the platform.