5 Essential Tips For Mastering Every Brand Collaboration As A Social Media Influencer

One of the most exciting parts about being a content creator is partnering with brands for collaborations. In exchange for free products, compensation and creative freedom, you offer influence and a niche audience that brands can’t help but be attracted to.  But, in order to grow your personal brand and take it to the next level, it’s important to really nurture each brand relationship and master every collaboration you join in on!

Believe me - I get it. As a content creator, sometimes you can be juggling so many projects at once that key components like reading post guidelines thoroughly or following-up after posting, can get overlooked. To help, I put together a list of the top 5 essential tips for mastering a brand collaboration that, if executed, will leave the brand with a lasting impression and make them eager to collaborate again or even refer you to other brands for opportunities!


1. Be Enthusiastic   

I can’t stress this enough! Brands want to know you’re excited about the opportunity, not just looking for another sponsorship to pay the bills. When e-mailing brands, try to refrain from one-liners like "Thanks” or “Oh Ok”. Take some time to make sure your email etiquette is on top of its game and professional by checking for any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.  Make it personal and communicate your enthusiasm about the opportunity by adding exclamation marks and even an emoji here and there. Remember, your messages are a reflection of you and your personal brand, so take the time to put some thought into each one and always proof read before pressing send!


2. Respond in a Timely Fashion

With smartphones and technology always at our fingertips, responding to emails and messages promptly is easier than ever. We actually found that, on Revfluence, content creators who were very responsive and replied to brands within 48 hours were 2X more likely to land a second project with the brand! 

You know that stressful feeling when something unexpected happens, making you unable to post on time or messing up your content schedule? Brands are relying on your content too for their marketing schedules, so always try to respond to their emails within 48 hours! Especially if they’ve already sent product or your post date is coming up, do your best to keep brands in the loop so they don't become concerned! With that said, if you do plan on traveling or being in an area where internet access is limited, definitely let the brand know. Believe me -- this will work in your favor in the long run and the brand will be grateful for the update!


3. Be Flexible and Easy to Work With

Let’s face it, some partnerships can be challenging. But, in order to master a brand collaboration, being flexible is key. Sometimes, a brand might not have the exact product you’re wanting or shipping might be delayed causing your post date to change. Instances like these will just happen from time to time to so work with the brand to come up with a solution that will work for both you.

Also, try to make things easier for the brand by answering questions before they’re asked! For example, after they ship your product, make it a plan to shoot them a quick message as soon as you receive it at your doorstep. Although your content might not be due for a couple of days, keeping them in the loop will alleviate any concern or confusion they may have! When you’re easy to work with, brands will definitely remember and will want to work with you again.


4. Follow the Brand’s Guidelines

Ironically, this tip gets overlooked probably more than any other! Before you jump into content creation, remember to take some time to read any guidelines the brand sent over. Typically there is some pretty crucial information that lies within them like your post date, talking points, specific hashtags to use, etc. Nothing is worse than spending hours creating content, only to find out you missed half the guidelines they asked you to read beforehand!

Although brands definitely want you to use your creative freedom, following all guidelines and posting on time is crucial to the success of your post! With that said, if you’re confused or need clarification about something, it never hurts to ask, in fact, brands will appreciate it.  Not only will asking help you in the long run, but it will also show them that you’re fully invested in the collaboration and are eager to make sure they’re happy with your content!


5. Be Grateful and Follow-up

Not only did you put a lot of work into the collaboration, it’s likely the team member you worked with also put in a lot of effort by sending you product, creating a brief, coordinating post dates, etc. So show the partnership was important to you by sending a grateful follow-up message or even a handwritten letter. You could even go the extra mile by following up a few weeks down the road to share the success of your post (clicks, number of likes, comments, etc.).  Sending a follow-up will keep the conversation going and will definitely make you stand-out. It could even possibly land you a future collaboration down the road!


So there you have it -- those are our top 5 tips for mastering brand collaborations and growing your personal brand. Although your influence and creativity are essential for landing sponsorships, maintaining a professional reputation is key to making a lasting impression on brands and landing more opportunities down the road!