Creators: What Are The Chances Of Getting Your Proposal Accepted?

Last year in February, we wrote a post about the best practices to make your proposal stand out. Since then, we removed the requirement for creators to write a message before sending in the proposal.

However, sending proposals can still be nerve-wracking, especially when compensation is involved. I still receive concerns from our community wondering if the reason they’re not getting a response is due to their proposed rates. Valuing your content at a reasonable price without scaring off the brand is not an easy task to pull off. After analyzing endless proposals, the way you’re introduced to the campaign plays a significant role on how you should price your sponsored post in order to increase the chances of the proposal being accepted.

Invited by the Brand Proposals

Creators who have been personally invited by the brand have a higher chance of getting their proposal accepted when the rate is lower. According to the graph below, the chances of a proposal being accepted descends as the rates increased. For these proposals where the brand already thinks the content is a fit, a lower rate ensures fitting everyone into their budget.  With that being said, the data suggests three possible ways brands approach the proposals:

  • Proposals with rates between the 0-0.02 cents per like range comes across as a valuable deal and are most likely to accepted

  • Proposals with rates between 0.05-.25 cents per like are vetted based on content quality to determine if the collaboration is worth the investment

  • Proposals with rates after 0.25 cents per like are more likely be filtered out because it is too high for the brand to fit into their budget

Product Only Proposals

A quick note on product only proposals: while we understand not all creators have the capacity to work for free, I would like to mention that proposals with product only compensation are 33% more likely to be accepted. If you’re really excited about the brand and see yourself frequently using their products, an option we recommend is asking them to provide more products in order to compensate.

Opt In Proposals

On the contrary, if you come across the campaign while browsing the brand's section, the chances of an accepted proposal is higher as the rate increases. Since these campaigns are open to all eligible creators, the brands are left with a vast amount of proposals to sort through. The higher bids stands out for being associated with higher quality content and this will incite brands to accept the proposal. To the Revfluence community, novice or longtime users, we highly encourage you not to focus on how many campaigns you can complete by offering low prices but shift your efforts to making high-quality content to show for the higher rates. This will foster long-term relationships and brands will be inclined to return for future collaborations.


Going the extra mile on your proposal

While you wait for the brand to respond to your new proposal, one suggestion is to send follow up messages to the campaigns you’re really excited about. Approach it with the same concept of writing a cover letter. The message should be personalized and shouldn’t come across as a generic copy paste message. Here are some key points to include in your follow up message.

  • How their product can fit seamlessly in your content

  • Content ideas with their product

Hi Zevia,

As you may know, it’s not easy finding healthy snacks for kids to enjoy but my 6-year-old is obsessed with your ginger root beer. My husband and I go on picnics on Sundays while we shoot and would love to incorporate your products into our content. Please let me know your thoughts, look forward to working with you.

The sample shows sincere interest in the brand and explains how it is relevant to the creator’s lifestyle. It also provides a short visual on what kind of content the creator had in mind. Brands prefer creators whose authenticity shines throughout their feed, from content to caption. So the more sincere your note is, the more likely the brand will respond.