Creator Spotlight: Ringing in the New Year with @alyssa.lenore

It is safe to say 2016 was one hell of a rollercoaster. Whether it be new thrills for some or unexpected turns for others, all of that is in the past now. With eyes ahead to the new year, we brought in minimalistic creator @alyssa.lenore to ease us into 2017.

Alyssa started her page, Styled & Smitten, displaying her infatuation for fashion, beauty and travels. Although she has always been the creative type, her studies in interior design helped define the necessary skills to keep her content aesthetically tied together. Alyssa embraces simplicity and elegance by sticking with monochromatic tones, perfectly aligned product placement, and easy to digest content. In three short years, she gained notice from 65k followers and worked with notable brands such as: La Mer, Shiseido, CalPak and multiple NYC hotels. Before jetting off to her next destination, Alyssa was sweet enough to share her thoughts on new year resolutions, trends, maintaining relationships and influencer marketing.

1. Now that it is 2017, what are you most excited for? Any exciting plans?

It's my first time beginning a year as a college graduate and full-time blogger. I'm looking forward to continuing to build my brand and also travel a lot more! I've got some trips lined up for 2017 and I'm definitely the most excited to get lost in new cities and countries.

2. Of course, what are some your New Year's Resolutions ?

I'm trying to be healthier, going to the gym more as well as spend more time with family. As for my professional resolutions, I want to be able to travel more for work and discover more brands that my followers will love.

3. Any trends you’re hoping will stay in 2016? Any new ones you can see coming this year?

I'd love for exaggerated sleeves to continue into the new year, but even if they don't, I'd still wear them any chance I can. I've also loved the comeback of off-the-shoulder tops and the camel and dusty rose tones as well.

4. What are some brands you would love to work with again in 2017 and why? What helps you determine which brand to build long lasting relationships with?

I've worked with so many amazing brands in 2016 that it would be hard to list them all. One in particular that stands out is Martini & Rossi just because I was able to fly out to Italy with my boyfriend with the company. It was such an unforgettable and humbling experience. When the brand cares about you as a person and doesn't just rush you to meet their deadline, that helps me feel like we could build a solid relationship. It's also really great meeting people from the brand and I love it when you can just feel the love for the company through the people that work there.

5. Was there ever a time you found yourself not too thrilled about a product from a brand you were working? If so, how did you decide to move forward?

I stick with my gut and make sure that any brands that I work with are brands that I actually believe in and love. I never want to promote anything that isn't a good fit for me.

6. As social media continues to be saturated with sponsored content, how do you ensure that your thoughts are your own to your followers?

I've never written or posted about anything that I don't believe in. I think that's something that really resonates with my followers and it shows through engagement. As over-saturated as social media can get, the honest voices still stand out and the followers can see that.

7. How do you think influencer marketing will change or evolve in 2017?

I believe that more brands will see the power of social media and realize that it'll be a great opportunity for growth on both ends. Brands will realize that working with influencers is a great way to reach their target market due to our relatability and the seamless way we fit products into our everyday lives. Through Instagram and other social media platforms, influencers reach a wide range of people from all over the world, so it's definitely something that will continue to show brands why influencer marketing is the way to go. With the world so connected through social media apps, there's no easier and better way to get exposure and reach so many different parts of the world in a matter of seconds.

                                                                                                                      Alyssa LEnore x Roseshire collaboration

                                                                                                                      Alyssa LEnore x Roseshire collaboration


Next time you’re in New York at a local coffee shop, keep an eye out for the young creator. She is likely working away at her laptop, posting the latest #ootd or travel vlogs. Definitely make sure to congratulate the graduate and keep an eye out on her social platforms as she continues to grow in 2017!

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2016 in Review

2016 was an incredible year for influencer marketing. In search, the term continued its meteoric rise, 86% of marketers surveyed are now using it, and platforms like Revfluence are more important than ever for coordinating all the activity.

As 2017 kicks off with a bang, we’d like to take a pause to look back at all of the amazing campaigns that our customers ran in 2016.

In 2016, Revfluence was used to:

  • Deliver 20,000 posts

  • Generate $4.8 million of content value

  • Reach 530 million Instagram followers and 125 million Youtube subscribers through the world’s most influential creators

We’re incredibly grateful for everyone who played a part in this and we think it was possible because we’ve centered our mission around what we consider the three main pillars of our influencer marketing mission: to help you connect, manage, and analyze.


Influencing is all about meaningful, authentic connections between people, brands, and products. To help everyone achieve that, we added tons of great features over the past year:

  1. Direct Offer gave you the ability to humanize your outreach to creators with a personalized message and offer.

  2. Mentions helped you keep an ear to the ground by notifying you whenever a creator mentioned you on a social network, as well as an easy way to invite them to participate in a campaign.


As anyone familiar with influencer marketing knows, managing influencers can be an incredibly time-consuming process. With this in mind, we’ve invested heavily in helping operationalize our customers’ ability to run efficient influencer marketing programs at scale:

  1. Inbox List helped you see and sort details about relationships in a list-view.

  2. Creator Stage gave you an easy way to track where creators stood in the collaboration process.

  3. Product Shipment Tool helped you select and track shipments.

  4. Content Approval ensured that everything that went out was on-brand and on-message.

  5. Groups saved you time by organizing creators into custom groups to message them all at once.


The rise of the data driven marketer has been swift and absolute. If you’re not keeping a close eye on your most important KPIs, you risk being left far behind by your competition. To help you understand the impact of influencer content we added:

  1. Sales Tracking Pixel gave you crystal clear optics into the sales lift attributed directly to each creator.

  2. Competitor Watch Lists helped you see who was posting for your competitors, their overall social presence, and what content is performing best.

And it only gets even better from here! We’ve got a ton of great features coming to you in 2017 and we can’t wait to share them with you.

PS: Have product suggestions? Feel free to shoot an email to with your latest suggestions!


Paid media versus earned or owned? Influencer marketing combines the best of all three

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How influencer marketing combines paid, earned and owned media into one digital campaign  

Finding a perfect advertising model for today’s ever-changing consumer is next to impossible. One-size-fits-all bulk ad-buys or heavy investment in content alone are both poor fits for today’s channel-hopping audiences, and directing your media spend in such a fashion will lead to flat results and a low ROI. What if instead marketers had an adaptable model that simultaneously reached their target consumers in all places at once?

As McKinsey reports, this is much needed. “Some strategic-marketing frameworks—such as the popular ‘paid, owned, earned’ one—are in serious need of updating.” Channel-agnostic consumers are too skeptical of ads and demand an impractical level of personalization from the content that they see. Together these factors “will force marketers to change not only their thinking but also the way they allocate spending and organize operations.”

This classic triad model is in trouble. To adapt, marketers need to develop campaigns that combine all the characteristics of all three types. In this regard, influencer marketing is increasingly proving itself to be something of a silver bullet because it allows brands to take advantage of the social nature of earned media while benefiting from the paid media reach and control.

To understand how it does this, let’s take a closer look at how advertising has classically worked.  

Paid Media

Paid media is the type of advertising which is bought and sold. In the internet age, the most common types include paid ads on social, search ads, banner ads, retargeted ads, and press releases. However, this also encapsulates traditional commercials, billboards, or any print/radio ads.

The biggest advantage of using paid media is that your dollars can directly purchase exposure to a focused, targeted audience. You retain strong control over the platform, the timing, and the creative. Online paid media is also easily analyzed and ROI metrics can be calculated without much hassle.

The downside of course is that, well, it’s paid. Paid advertising is expensive. US brands spent $60 billion on it in 2015, and many of them are often left wondering whether there’s a cheaper route.

Earned Media

Earned media is any source of impressions that are gained from word-of-mouth or organic (read: unpaid) means. The most valuable type of earned media is when a consumer is compelled to share a positive review of a company or product. When you produce great content, have a satisfied customer, or are mentioned in the press, consumers will spread your name around and any traffic driven to your site is considered “earned.” Content that goes viral can mean a huge spike in earned impressions and is a boon to your results.

The benefits of earned media are obvious: it’s free, it offers a massive lift in impressions, and consumers see it as more trustworthy since it is not being pushed by your company. On the other hand, you do not have any creative control in most earned media, since the message takes on a life of its own once it gets into others’ hands. Viral content also carries with it a level of risk and is difficult to orchestrate because by its nature, it’s mostly unpredictable.  

Owned Media

That brings us back to owned media. This is any form of promotion on a site under the control of your company and/or marketing team. This includes your website, blogs, email lists, and direct social media channels. Owned media is a low-cost promotion option but can be limited in terms of reach because your owned media audience is typically only your current users and followers.


Between paying too much for paid media, sweating too much hoping earned media takes off, and working too hard promoting owned media, we are led inexorably to influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing offers control, credibility, and conversions

Influencer marketing is the use of social media influencers to provide effusive, genuine endorsements of your brand and products. It’s the combination of the best elements of all three types of media.

Because you are paying for it, you retain the ability to dictate the terms of when, where, and how your products are promoted. You have the control over which influencers you work with, which products you give them, and how often you want them to post. Like traditional media, you also retain the ability to target niche markets by analyzing the demographic information of the audiences your influencers speak to. And where the industry stands today, your budget stretches much further. Influencer marketing offers an ROI of $6.50 for every $1 spent, which is 4-5 times higher than normal paid advertising.  

Next, while influencer marketing is not technically ‘earned’ media, the nature of social media makes the promotion feel like a recommendation rather than an advertisement. Because of the trustworthy nature of an influencer’s endorsement and the fact that it’s embedded amongst their consumed content, users won’t feel like they’re being sold to. This is hugely important, as advertising glut has created a jaded consumer base.

Finally, influencer marketing is owned because you keep what your influencers create. The high quality user-generated images, product lifestyle shots, and commentary can be repurposed endlessly across your owned media, infusing them with life and increasing conversions. Influencer marketing also directs consumer activity back to your social channels, blog, and website, completing the trifecta of media benefits.

Just look at these influencers using these techniques together:


This type of post is an ideal combination. The influencer’s photo is a representation of her brand and displays the product effortlessly in her acro-yoga theme but at first glance, you might not even realize there’s a product being sponsored. This feels like earned media, although we know it is actually paid. She links to the company’s Instagram page and makes the owned media connection by offering a coupon directing them to the brand’s website.  

pic 2.png

This endorsement uses a photo in a traditional paid media ad style, but feels more like earned media in the description. The influencer describes how the product helps her in her life, rather than showcasing that in the photo. Again, she links to the companies Instagram page to drive traffic to their owned media.

There you have it: influencer marketing is paid, earned, and owned all at the same time. Could there possibly be an easier option than choosing the best of all three?

Supercharge your own media and request a free demo of Revfluence’s influencer platform to connect with top influencers for the win!

How to create value with your influencers this holiday season

The holidays are a perfect time to mix-up your typical influencer marketing strategy. Here are some creative ways to partner with your influencers to make the most of it:

Create a unique holiday specific hashtag

Hashtags are the driving force around social media. Clicking on common hashtags will lead the user to other accounts or similar content. If you have a handful of influencers who work for your brand, consider creating a unique hashtag that represents your brand during the holiday season, and have all of your influencers use it on their posts. When clicked on, the hashtag will link users to your page as well as to your other influencers. This will be a great way to generate traffic to your holiday sales and get more eyes on your merchandise.

Another benefit of unique hashtags is your ability to track and measure the data they generate from users. You will easily be able to follow the conversations around your brand and get first-hand information about the most liked and talked about products that you offer.


Work with your influencers on user generated holiday Content

One of the cheapest and most creative ways to get unique content is to have your influencers engage with their audiences to create User Generated Content or “UGC.” UGC is any type of media that a fan organically creates that you can use for your own marketing purposes.

For example, a company that makes yoga leggings could create a UGC campaign by having their influencers engage their followers in a contest. They could ask their followers to post a picture in a yoga pose wearing the brand’s clothing for a chance to win a prize. All the photos that are submitted can then be repurposed and used for future content with their creator’s permission. This is an excellent way to get in touch with your organic fan base and increase your impressions.

The holidays are a perfect time for generating this type of content. You can also host a contest where fans generate content about who they will gift your products to, encourage fan videos of their holiday decorations and how your company has inspired them, or even provide new recipes that are relevant to your brand and have followers send in their best work. These submissions can be used for your own posts throughout the holidays.


Have your influencers post a daily holiday deal

Think of “12 Days of Christmas” or other holiday gifting schedule, and have your influencers do daily giveaways or give daily discounts on your products exclusively. In doing so, their fans will get daily face-time with your products as well as consistent encouragement to make purchases. During other times of the year, you will typically want to avoid having your influencers post too many sponsored posts at a time, but by angling this with a holiday theme, it makes perfect sense and will not overload followers with your products.

Some potential ideas for this type of campaign include:

  • A daily discount code that is only valid for certain products

  • A daily giveaway for a specific product that you give away to a different person each day

  • A code for a credit to your site that only one person can redeem

  • A combination of the three.


Give back

What are the holidays for if not for giving back to your community and the world? There is no better time to extend your charitable arm than during this time of year. You may find it best to partner with your influencers and ask them to provide ideas for charities or organizations that they are passionate about. If it suits your brand, allow them to craft their ideas and content surrounding the idea. The posts will feel and be much more authentic if the influencer can take creative control on a project they feel passionate about. If you have many influencers, you may want to choose one charitable topic to implement across all of them, and allow the influencers to choose how to best reach their followers with the promotion.

A charitable campaign could be an item donation for every item sold to a foundation or local organization, a financial matching for monetary donations, or any other physical gift that is within your means. If you are a smaller company and cannot afford to give away product or money, consider a video series that gives your viewers a call to action about giving back to their community, the environment, or anything else that’s dear to you and your business’ values.

Spread the holiday cheer

Even though the influencer/brand relationship is not a typical employer/employee scenario, you should treat your influencers as well as you would any employee who you value and respect. The holidays are a time to show how much you appreciate the work they put in to making your brand a success. After all, happy influencers become real fans, and real fans produce the most authentic and valuable content.

Some ideas to show your appreciation of your influencers can include gift baskets, bonuses, or a holiday treat from a local bakery. You can provide product of yours as well, but you shouldn’t expect the influencer to generate content around the gift you give (although they may want to). Make it clear that the gift is a thank you for the work they’ve done (handwritten cards are great!) and that you appreciate having them on your team.  This will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with them and letting them know that they made a great choice in working with you.

Overall, the holidays are a wonderful time to sing a different tune with the influencer community and deviate from your usual routine.  It’s also a time to spread cheer and gratitude to your network, and get involved in new ways. Keep an open mind and heart, spread the holiday wishes, and you’ll find it coming back to you in terms of priceless holiday cheer!

Need advice on making the most of your holiday marketing? Request a demo and chat with one of our experts for ideas!