3 Reasons Why Fake Followers Don’t Matter For Successful Influencer Marketing

If you're in digital or social media marketing, you've heard the recent buzz about fake followers and the supposed "death of influencer marketing". However, the most successful brands and e-commerce companies doing influencer marketing today have never relied on follower counts as a measure of an influencer's worth, because they use a much more sophisticated sourcing process.

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Facebook’s New Algorithm: How Brands Can Maintain Their Presence

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced that in 2018 Facebook, and eventually Instagram, will de-prioritize social posts from brands and news outlets on user’s feeds in order to boost the visibility of posts made by real people. Here's how brands who use Facebook and Instagram as important parts of their business strategy can still maintain their visibility and expand their reach to targeted audiences

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2017 Year in Review

This year, Revfluence was laser focused on streamlining the influencer marketing process so  brands can connect with influencers, manage campaigns and analyze data at bigger scale than ever before. We’d like to thank all of our customers and influencers for their commitment by taking a look back on amazing campaigns that they ran over the course of this year. 

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