Revfluence Connect: Why Opt-In Influencer Databases Don’t Matter


Wouldn’t it be great if you could crawl the entire internet to find the perfect influencer in a matter of seconds? Well, with Revfluence Connect, you can do just that.  Meet the “Google for influencers.”  

According to a new report, 75% of marketers agree that the most challenging step in rolling out an influencer marketing strategy is identifying the right group of influencers for each campaign, but this does not have to be a challenge for you

While search functions are just one feature of influencer marketing platforms, as one of the first full service influencer marketing platforms, Revfluence has spent years optimizing the entire collaboration process, making it easy, fast and seamless for both brands and influencers.

Previously, we discussed the difference between influencer marketing platforms and databases here. However, in case you are not already familiar with the technology, true influencer marketing platforms provide brands with the following:

  1. the ability to connect with high quality influencers

  2. CRM and workflow tools

  3. analytics capabilities.


How our Connect feature works

Essentially, Revfluence Connect is like a Google search engine for influencers. Revfluence connects brands with over 500,000 influencers. In other words, all the relevant people who are considered to be influential on social media will be listed in your search results.

In addition to Revfluence Connect, which allows brands to find influencers, our user- friendly marketplace allows influencers to find brands they want to work with.

Searching through hundreds of thousands of influencers can be time consuming, especially if you aren't sure exactly what you're looking for. That’s why we’ve made our powerful database highly filterable, efficient, and easy to use.

Brands have the ability to search for influencers by:

  • Keywords - Revfluence searches through influencer’s captions and bios, which is not possible on Instagram’s native search tool. Search words like “coffee” or “sneaker” to find people who are relevant to your brand
  • Tags as broad as “womensfashion” and “athlete” or as granular as ”edgylifestyle” or “facialhair”
  • Demographics - like gender and age
  • Image search - find content that looks like content you already love
  • Audience demographics
  • Locations
  • Like/view count
  • Follower count


So who makes up the influencer community?

The Revfluence database is a reflection of the existing influencer population. The fact that a large percentage of the influencers are in the field of women's fashion is not because Revfluence recruits more women fashion influencers, it is just the most popular influencer category. In that regard, it is difficult to give a definite answer about how many influencers exist within each vertical.

The below chart is a reflection of the influencer community based on popular topics among influencers right now.

influencer community final.png


Have Revfluence influencers opted-in to work with brands?

In addition to every influencer that exists, along with their contact information when available, Revfluence does have an opt-in network of influencers. When a Revfluence client wants to work with an influencer who has not already signed up for Revfluence, the client can send a personal and customizable email that allows the influencer to sign up for your campaign in just a few clicks. This means that Revfluence customers have access to over 500,000 influencers!

Many platforms only offer “opt-in” influencers, or those influencers who have taken the time to sign up for a specific platform in order to apply to work on campaigns. However, restricting an influencer database to opt-in only influencers significantly limits brands to a small number of influencers that they could potentially work with. The number of influencers that competing influencer marketing platforms and databases claim to have simply doesn't matter. Why not have access to them all?

In a recent survey, 53% of participants stated that they are not more or less likely to move forward with a brand collaboration if the brands reaches out via email versus through a third party platform, like Revfluence. In other words, influencers are willing to work with brands they love regardless of the method of communication. Getting in contact with influencers is easy. Influencers are looking to make income and to work with brands that they love. We put our expertise into building a search engine that makes the hardest part of influencer marketing fast and easy for you.


Seamless experience for everyone

Again, Revfluence Connect doesn't limit search results to our opt-in network. Influencers don’t really care what platform you are using to manage influencer relationships, they are going to respond to you because they are excited about partnering with your brand.

“I have loved my experience with Revfluence and it is my favorite of any third-party sites I've used (Famebit, Socialix, Content Blvd). The fact that you handle payments and help keep all the collaboration elements organized is extremely helpful.” – Active Revfluence Influencer

We have hundreds of influencers applying every day, because unlike other platforms, we are entirely free for influencers and we strive to make the process as easy as possible for everyone. Revfluence communications are sent through email and in user friendly chats within the platform. Influencers can do everything from the platform including sending messages, sending content to brands for review, and receiving payment.

“The Revfluence chat feature that allows me to work directly with influencers and talk to them in their native environment as opposed to going back and forth through email with agents and intermediaries. As a manager, I'm able to actually chat directly with the influencers, on their terms, in their environment —and that allows me to foster a really personal relationship with them, which was what I'm used to.” - Mike Majlak, Marketing Manager at Lovesac


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