Introducing White-Label Creator Sign-up Pages

Have you ever spent hours on influencer outreach? Tell me if this sounds familiar.

  • You spend hours sourcing influencers for your next campaign
  • You spend even more hours trying to find their contact info
  • You spend MORE hours crafting the right collaboration invitation
  • You cry
  • You cry again when you realize how many influencers actually responded—and how many didn’t

If so, you aren’t alone. One of marketers’ biggest pain points is influencer outreach. Even the biggest brands can go unnoticed in the dozens of direct messages and traditional emails in influencers’ inboxes. How can you make sure that your proposal stands out?

You asked, and we listened. Get influencers excited to partner with your brand...

Revfluence would like to introduce White-Label creator sign up pages!

White-Label creator sign-up is a customizable landing page that allows our enterprise clients to invite influencers to join their campaign with exciting branding for their company's influencer program.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.40.38 PM.png

How it works

Revfluence has an extensive opt-in network of influencers, and we never limit or restrict our clients from working with anyone. In addition to opt-in influencers, we give you access to every influencer that exists along with their contact information, when available. This means that Revfluence clients have access to over 500,000 influencers!

When a Revfluence client wants to work with an influencer who has not already signed up with the platform, the client has the ability to send a personal and customizable email that allows the influencer to join your campaign with just a few clicks.

Previously, influencers would be directed to the Revfluence sign-up page, where they could easily enter their email address and create a password. Although the Revfluence name is already highly respected in the influencer and content creator community, there is a new option available for brands that want to entirely customize their influencer experience.

You now have the ability to customize the following aspects of your branded sign-up page. Add:

  • Your logo
  • Banner images
  • Use your company colors

Do you have an existing influencer network outside of Revfluence? You can import your list of contacts so that you can  use our easy CRM tools to handle all of your influencer relationships. Automatically direct your network to your branded profile, making the influencer onboarding process easy and fast. Because the page will feature your brand’s content and logo, the influencer will know that the proposal is coming straight from your brand, making them even  more excited to join your influencer program.


Who has access to this new feature?

This feature is available for Revfluence clients with Enterprise plans.

Are you interested in adding this feature to your plan? Contact your Campaign Success Manager or email


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