Socially Conscious Brands Partner with Social Media Influencers | #RevfluenceGivesBack

Now that the holiday season is officially here, we are beyond excited to announce our latest company initiative, #RevfluenceGivesBack! To celebrate and help spread the love, we have partnered with 8 amazing socially conscious brands who are making a positive impact on the world!

#RevfluenceGivesBack’s goal is to facilitate meaningful, long lasting partnerships, between our community of social media celebrities and these incredible brands. We cannot wait to see what they come up with!


The Brands & How they give

CAUSEBOX -  A limited-run, quarterly collection of ethically-made products that give back and empower others.


BANGS Shoes - Buying BANGS Shoes helps people start businesses in the US and around the world.


JOYN IndiaJOYN continues to sell beautiful products handmade by artisans who do 100 percent of the work, from weaving to block printing to stitching. This brings JOY to those who make the products, and JOY to those who buy them.


Same Sky Jewelry - Same Sky was founded with a vision to provide a second chance to all women under the same sky. Not only do we offer employment and fair pay, we also give the training and education necessary for women to live empowered and self-sustaining lives. 


Sword & Plough - A quadruple bottom line bag company that works with veterans to repurpose military surplus fabric into stylish bags.


Noonday Collection -  A socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. 


The Elephant Pants - To help save the elephants, they donate $1 or $4 from every item (harem pants, shorts, tapestries, rompers, mystery boxes, jewelry, and more) we sell to African Wildlife Foundation.


1:Face Watch - Supports nine causes; cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights, and have partnered with different charities to bring global change. Each cause has a specific metric that tells you exactly what you purchase does. From building wells to providing a year of education, 1Face is committed to bringing about change, worldwide!