Brand + Creator Relationships Built to Last

Let’s talk about the ultimate #relationshipgoals. A relationship based on mutual respect and appreciation. A relationship where you talk through your problems and really enjoy your time together. Yeah, that sounds like a match made in collaboration heaven.

  @antonmeily for MeUndies: #collabgoals

@antonmeily for MeUndies: #collabgoals

Great collaborations don’t have to be a one-time thing, and permanent posts are extremely important in helping a brand-creator relationship go long-term. At Revfluence, we are pretty obsessed with the quality content that’s being made by creators every day. Imagine our heartache when some of our favorite posts are nowhere to be found!



Creators put in time and energy into catching the perfect moment, the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, or editing their way to perfection. Both creators and brands invest in the content, so make both investments count.

Influencers, show businesses that using social media to grow their brands is effective and worthwhile, and that you are the kind of creator they want to work with! You have the power to set a standard for what sponsored content can be; you can show that there’s value in every post, even months down the line.

If brands see that you genuinely care about the businesses you collaborate with, and care about making high-quality sponsored content, they will come a-courting with flowers in hand. And if brands you’ve already worked with see that your audience continues to engage with their content, they’ll be reinvesting to get you back into their lives as they continue to grow. If that content isn't there anymore, you might send them running into someone else’s arms.

Creators, please don’t abandon your content! The posts you make for collaborations are especially important, because they’re not just about the likes and views. They are about you and your craft, and demonstrating the value of both. They are about building relationships with brands you know, and brands you want to know. Those are definitely relationships that you’ll want to show some love to.