For Influencers: Our Guide for How Much to Charge for a Sponsored Post on Instagram and YouTube

The question I get asked most frequently - "how much should I charge for a sponsored post?".  What's surprising is that I have both new and well-established creators asking this question, which indicates that their seems to be a cloud of mystery when it comes to setting sponsored post rates. Luckily, though, we’ve worked with hundreds of creators and brands, so we have a pretty clear idea of what’s trending when it comes to how much creators are asking for and how much brands are willing to pay. 

Now, keep in mind, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer when it comes to how much you should be charging. Rates can vary depending on a number of things like:

  • Size of the brand (Is it a reputable brand like GAP or small-boutique?)
  • Time spent on the project
  • Number of posts
  • Post requirements

As you can see, some sponsored posts can take much more work than others, so make sure to think these over before sending your rates. Similarly, if a brand tries to negotiate a price you feel is too low, let them know why you think you're worth more. For example, if you know you're audience will love their products, tell them. Also, bring up past successful collaborations you've been a part of - brands are also always interested in knowing previous brands you've worked with. 

Now, let's jump into how to calculate your rates for Instagram and YouTube! 



Overwhelmingly, we've found that brands almost always look at engagement (i.e. likes/comments) as opposed to number of followers when determining a creators value. In other words, brands aren't only interested in paying well-established creators, they also value smaller influencers who have engaged, highly interactive audiences. So, as you'll see below, we look at an influencers average number of likes when determining their price. 

To get to the nitty gritty, we pulled some data from hundreds of past collaborations on Revfluence and found that creators are typically paid anywhere from 4-10 cents per like. So, what determines who gets paid more per like? Content quality and level of engagement. With that being said, we noticed that a majority of creators are getting paid around 6-8 cents per like. If you're still confused, I've done the math for you! 

  • CREATOR WITH AVERAGE OF 500 likes x .06-.08 = $30-40/SPONSORED POST

Keep in mind, this is just a starting point based on what we've seen and to help guide you. The key is to find your own equation that you're confident in and that you feel is reasonable. 



If you're a YouTube creator, pricing yourself can be a bit more complex. On on our platform, we've seen most creators work with brands by either mentioning their product for a few minutes or dedicating an entire video to reviewing it. We've also noticed brands typically look at a creators average number of views per video when determining how big their current audience is and how much to pay.  As you'll see below based on our formulas, creators are paid around 2-3 cents per view for mentioning a product in their product. For dedicated videos, they're paid around 3-5 cents per view. Here's how we did the math: 


25,000 average views x 4-6¢ = $1,000-1,500/Dedicated Video


25,000 average views per video x 2.5¢  = $625/Mention product for 1-2 minutes

Again, these are just numbers we've seen trending recently on Revfluence over the past couple of months. We've also noticed that for both Instagram and YouTube, rates have steadily been rising due to more and more brands turning to influencers to promote their products. So, now is better than ever for growing and building engaged social media audiences! 



There are a few different ways. YouTube provides creators with a thorough analytics dashboards to find average views and a number of different things like demographics, audience retention, etc. Instagram doesn't offer analytics on their platform but websites like or Iconosquare offer free trials and can provide in-depth analytical insight. Creators can also easily view their stats like average number of views, like and comments directly on Revfluence, too. Here's an example below! 


Hopefully you were able to find this as a useful guide for setting your sponsored post rates. Stay tuned for more tips and guides to help you get the most out of your social media following and land exciting collaboration opportunities with brands! Still have questions? Email me at and I'll help you out!