The Life of a Famous YouTuber: Our Interview with LoveHealthOK

If you've been searching on YouTube for a cooking channel with organic and innovative recipes, Olivia, owner of the channel LoveHealthOK, has got you covered! With over 131,000 subscribers, LoveHealthOK continues to be one of the best healthy cooking channels on YouTube. 


Olivia's channel not only incorporates innovative recipes like avocado egg rolls and healthy peanut butter cookies (WHAT!), but she also creates videos dedicated to offering advice and tips for a healthy lifestyle. We caught up with Olivia to talk about her life as a social media star and health junkie. She also offered advice for those wondering how to become a food YouTuber or start a blogger.

What inspired you to start your healthy food YouTube and Instagram?

"What started as a hobby of recording my own meals and workouts on Instagram, after I had already lost the majority of my weight (all naturally), turned into a platform where people became inspired by my journey and it just snowballed from there! Honestly, the people I help are just as much my inspiration— they keep me going! There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others improve their lives!"

What is a typical day in your life?

"I wake up, drink a huge mason jar pint of room temperature water, eat something for breakfast— usually eggs of some sort or a smoothie then go workout for an hour or hour and a half. Followed by a shower, lunch, and getting work done. I wrap up my work day around 5pm, eat dinner at my family’s house or out with friends then either take it easy and watch some Hulu/Netflix or spend more time with friends playing board games, head to the movies, or a show!"

How long does it take you to create a YouTube video from start to finish?

"About a week. I separate days for filming, editing, and uploading."

What’s the best advice for anyone looking to start a food YouTube channel?

"Be prepared to make a mess! When it comes to food, something goes wrong every single time! I just expect that now. Haha! But for some more constructive advice, I would say to just be consistent and keep going— it’s a marathon not a sprint!"

When did your health craze begin?

"Probably about 4-5 years ago, I became really interested in health, nutrition, and working out!"

Favorite junk food item?

"Fried chicken— especially Walt’s favorite at the Carnation Cafe at Disneyland!"

Favorite restaurant? Why?

"I can never just pick one— so here’s a few: Sage Organic Vegan Bistro for vegan food, Green Zone for organic Asian homestyle cooking, and Houston’s for splurging on a delicious Hawaiian ribeye or filet!"

Breakfast or Dinner?

"I prefer dinner over breakfast, but love breakfast for dinner!"

Fruits or veggies?

"Cope out answer— BOTH! Especially smoothies with added greens! I can’t live without either one!"


Amidst creating videos and recipes for her YouTube channel, Olivia has a loyal fan base on a number of different social media channels! Follow her on:





Snapchat: @LoveHealthOK


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